Monday, January 15, 2007

Family Blessings Again....

Yesterday early evening, daughter & son-in-law & baby girl showed up to surprise their dad - a most welcomed birthday hello.

Granddaughter has the most expressive eyes we (dear husband & I) have ever seen. She's all of 15 months old now...and each time we see her, those eyes take in every detail...more so each time. It's amazing. She uses sign language - some one's innovative way to teach babies sign language caught hold with our daughter and so she taught the baby sign language. It is amazing to see this wonderful young lady use her hands to express words. I am picking up words slowly (very slowly) and plan on finding a sign language book soon. I took a 6 week course many years ago while working at a VA hospital. That was far too many years ago to remember much of anything. And I am betting that the sign language book I bought for the class has long since disappeared.

Granddaughter warmed up to us in record time - small wonder it takes awhile since we don't spend a lot of time together. I hope that will change in 2007 - and it will require more effort on our part.

It was a beautiful couple of hours to see all three of them - but mostly granddaughter. She is a delight - and for me, the icing on the cake for this weekend since I spent a couple of hours with grandson on Saturday.

I do have memories of our children growing up - but not the age they were when I recall that memory. Memories of tantrums - both daughter & son - and the horrified looks on peoples' faces when I turned away and walked a few steps away. Of course, I was well within seeing & running range should the tantrum put anyone in harm's way. Calmness on my part cut the tantrums quickly - and the ability to experience no embarrassment when observers had the audacity to address my reaction to the tantrum . While "dancing" with granddaughter, I remembered dancing with daughter - perhaps the same age - where daughter threw up after being twirling in circles and then laughed and said MORE - granddaughter just giggled heartily. Where did we lose that joy in simple things as twirling in circles and enjoying that loss of equilibrium?

I hope for so many more family blessings this year - and know that sometimes those blessings come when they can but a little planning on our part can't hurt.


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