Friday, August 29, 2008

Cat Stuff

Meet once again, Faith.
This is her "I wasn't on the table, honest, and I sure didn't eat your cornflakes" look. But then, it could be mistaken for her "You think I would actually knock YOUR African Violet off the window ledge???" look. Then again, it could be the "oh for pete's sake - I didn't touch your tv remote" look.

You got to hand it to cats. They're typically aloof - independent - will let you know if they want to be touched - and pretty much fuss free....

Until....this cat.

Aloof? Living with me just about a week now, I could only wish. Independent? I think not.. not when she bounces up and down on my chest while I'm trying to read and won't stop until I get up to fill her food dish. How much can one tiny cat eat, anyway???? Fuss free? Try not cleaning out the litter box for 6 hours. And forget about that touching thing. She'll relentlessly bat me with her paws until I rub, scratch or pick her up. Pet her once and you might as well cancel all your appointments for the next three hours.

I leave the room - Faith is right behind me. I go in one room and shut the door - and she's on the other side, sticking one paw under the door just as far as she can possibly stretch it. I go to bed and within seconds, she's up on the bed with that look. You know the look.... It's the "what, it's only 11pm - throw me a ball or something" look.

I am convinced Faith is really a dog in a cat suit. One of these days I'll catch her putting it on or taking it off. It's only a matter of time.


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Ursula said...

Welcome to the world of cat owners, or should I say cat owned owners ...lollollololol.....yeppers
they tell you like it is, if you like it or not....lolol.... but they are great company and I would miss mine very much .........
enjoy her .......she is a cutie