Friday, August 15, 2008

Life Settling Down

Riley is now back in Iraq....and it's been more difficult than I had bargained for.

Twenty days we spent together - which seemed like a long time, but in reality - it's a blimp on the clock. Little things like eating breakfast at home, driving around and holding hands in the car, sitting next to each other at church, watching the series "Monk" on borrowed DVDs from the library.... normal every day stuff seemed brighter, more joyful and yet peaceful to the soul.

Why is it we take things for granted every single day...until the day those things are temporarily gone and then the heart breaks just a little.

On the day we drove to the airport to see him off, I thought to myself - this was good - this was a great vacation together. Until it was time to really say "see you later", the tears welled up and then l I walked into the apartment and discovered the quiet. Even if your spouse doesn't utter a single word in a couple of hours, you're still with someone....Quiet can be awfully loud at times.

So - life is settling down somewhat. I'm working on completing another quilt - another design as I go - and stayed up until 2:30am this morning. When the sewing urge hits, I go with it. The story of this quilt will be posted later. I am very pleased with it so far - and it makes me smile when I look at it. I hope the person it will be mailed to will bring a smile to her face....

Tomorrow, I'll be kitty hunting - a companion that will make the apartment a little less quiet.

Life is settling down somewhat - but I sure do miss Riley's smile - and holding my hand while we drive.


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