Friday, November 14, 2008

My Favorite Blogs....

Not that I suspect or expect anyone to be glued to "Angel45402's View of Life" (other than a curtsey to my DH), but the idea of changing templates every so often is sooo appealing. Are there rules to this blogging? I suppose only if you have followers....(big grin).

I have been an ardent follower of 20-30 blogs now...and I have to say, I'm in awe of most of them. Some I read just for the sheer joy of rolling on the floor in laughter - and disbelief. Some I read and marvel over the writing...marvelous, clear & concise.

Here are a few of my favorites..... I love this post...a man who write as well as he quilts .....beautifully! Okay - so this one smacks of nepotism - Dahara Dreaming is my daughter - and very talented - some of the stuff she finds on other blogs are not quite my taste - but I enjoy reading her assessments..... ... oh my this woman can KNIT and then there's this wonderful cooking blog. If she can get me motivated to cook again, then she's top notch in my book!

Son also has a blog - that'll be on my NEXT favorite blog post since I cannot seem to locate it right this moment....

And when I'm not blogging, I quilt.


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