Sunday, February 22, 2009

...and another birthday...

....this is a picture of love.....

Today I celebrated my birthday a couple days early with the help of our son, grandson, daughter, son-in-law (aka Son #2), granddaughter and sister. We had lunch at Red Lobster - no doubt, because of my great fondness for seafood. Fifty-seventh birthday...and each year gets better and better. Darling husband knows my favorite dessert is carrot cake - and several years ago Red Lobster offered it. Alas, he didn't know they no longer have it on their the substitute sent home was this lovely cheesecake topped with strawberries.

Birthdays are a wonderous event. One can either embrace it - or not. I love birthdays. It's a day of reflection . A day to be honored. A day to enjoy fully. So I take this time to list what I love....

* I love Jesus
* I love my husband
*I love my children and their spouses
*I love the fact they have given us grandchildren
*I love our grandchildren and love the idea of having more someday
*I love carrot cake
*I love cheesecake with strawberries
*I love the sound of snow hitting the trees
*I love the smell of rain
*I love holding hands with my husband when we take a drive
*I love walking into a quilting store for the first time
*I love it when a verse in the bible comes alive
*I love creating quilts
*I love knitting & watching the piece grow
*I love knowing that one day I'll no longer be of this world and will meet my heavenly Father

....and I love eating cheesecake this evening....knowing it is love.

I quilt.


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