Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Art of Simply Doing.....

Today is the 24th of Christmas....better known as Christmas Eve....even better known as the day before Happy Birthday, Jesus.

You know how you get a small little niggle in the back of your mind that just stays there quietly until it's time to be recognized? I know your answer is I will share my little niggle.

For years, it would upset me when a simple "thanks" was not received in response to giving a gift. Horrifyingly (isn't that a lovely word!), it was just "upset" - it was full blown anger. Thoughts would ramble through my head that went something like this.... "what does it take to pick up the phone to say thank you...." or "for gosh sakes, all it takes is a piece of paper and pen and an envelope and stamp to simply write in block letters THANK YOU".... or..... on second thought, the 3rd rambling is to be kept private. I'm even ashamed of that particular rambling thought.

Now on to the niggle.

Why buy anyone anything? Why do I do it? Why do I drive through hail, rain, sleet or snow to get that perfect gift? Why? Why? WHY???? This can easily be accompanied by the picture of me falling to my knees in anguish, with arms lifted up to the sky and chanting these words. One must have a complete picture of this event.... Are you picturing it now?

And then....sometimes, a word of thanks is not received.

Very annoying, this little niggle. It grew - and grew - and grew - and finally, it blew into a big picture.

We do it for the thanks. We do it for the adoration. We do it because we just know we have elevated ourselves to be something special to that individual.

Wrong - wrong and more wrong.

When we do it for the thanks - it has lost its meaning. Pure.And.Simple.

Don't get me wrong....saying thank you are two lovely words to utter. But to withhold future gifts because we didn't get a thanks is wrong.

Black & white - gray areas not allowed.

One path to God - pure and simple
Give a gift to someone just because is good - pure and simple
Give a gift anonymously is even better - pure and simple

No longer will not hearing 'thanks' or receiving a written 'thanks' dictate what I do or not do in the future.

God is pleased - his Son is pleased and the Holy Spirit is dancing for joy.

I got it.

Oh yes - the gift of time. That's what the photo above is all about. That's our darling grandson whom his parents have entrusted this scatterbrained woman to spend time with - and of Riley, my dearest beloved husband. The results of the chess game were not shared.

Sadly I have lost most of my quilting photos when my laptop crashed.

Ah - but I still quilt!


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