Saturday, October 16, 2010

It cannot be October already.....

Where has the time gone??? Seriously - one moment it was July and now it's October already. Summer heat and now leaves crunching underfeet (or is that underfoot???).

Riley & I drove up here to Oshkosh, WI on Wednesday. Actually, we spent the night at Merrillville, IL and drove the rest of the way on Thursday. My sis is with us....she is staying at mom & dad's while Riley & I stay at a hotel, barely over a mile away.

The 13th of October marked dad's 80th birthday. Today we will celebrate it with lunch, maybe a few presents and good wishes.

Dad isn't doing extraordinarily well. He's forgetful and has trouble lifting one leg to get the rest of the body into a car. Could be the beginning stages of Alzheimers - or dementia - or perhaps neither of the above. It may very well be time to put the house up for sale and move to a place that is senior-citizen friendly where everything needed is on one floor and it's easier to get in and out of a bathtub and/or shower. Maybe even a move to Dayton might be just never knows.

Since I began the journey on establishing a relationship with Jesus, I've come to realize many good things....

We were never promised life to be an easy trip - but He did promise us He would be there with us always
We were never promised happiness - but we are promised joy and contentment with Him

Contentment and joy - what blessings we have with our Saviour.

And now we see dad slowly losing zest for life - and my prayer is, he receives blessings from God that it's okay to be in the last stages of life as we know it. A far better life is waiting for us.

Pretty deep thoughts on a Saturday morning, just a little past 9:30am.

My thoughts in closing ... if you are blessed enough to still have your parents around, let them know you love them dearly and that God is so very good and will always be there for us - if we just accept His son as our Saviour. Grace isn't earned - it's simply given. Don't just tell your parents - tell the world!

Oh yes - the quilt. This is the quilt I made for our granddaughter, almost a big 5 years old. She's a cutie and it takes great self restraint not to take her home with me after our visits.

Quilts are love.

And in the meantime, I quilt.


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