Friday, April 22, 2011

Project Underway

Ahhh - it is the 22nd of April....and I finally tackled a new project.

While at a local LQS (not shopping - honestly - not shopping!!!) (uh huh - sure), I saw the neatest table runner - made of a shape called TUMBLERS. Googled it later and found a very, very nice pattern courtesy of Quilters' Cache. If you don't know this site, find it and immediately bookmark it. It is a TREASURE of blocks and patterns. Love it.

I digress (love that word). For several years I have received birthday fabric from my quilting buddies who belong to an online yahoo group. Size of the fabric ranged from F8 to some not-known sizes. After a good seasoning (all quilting fabric must season for awhile - it's a known fact), I took them out the other day and thought...ahhh ha! Eureka. I had an ah ha moment.

And promptly started cutting.....and cutting...and cutting.

First off - very important prep. STARCH your fabric pieces first. It really does make it easier to cut out the shapes. Rotary cutter, yes. Can do. But I like using scissors for this particular shape. Decided not to add 1/4 inch border around as suggested. Who am I kidding? I promptly cut out the shape and cut at least 30 before I read the directions...add 1/4 inch border before cutting. Sigh. Really lovely to sit down in front of my computer and watch "Lie to Me" episodes via Netflix. It's the little things.

And so now I've got 3 bags of these lovely tumblers. One bag for lights, one bag for mediums and one bag for darks. My definition of lights/mediums/darks. Yours may be a whole lot different (smile).

And so now ready to sew.

Stay tuned.....!

I do quilt.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally Back to Quilting

It is the 19th of April. Taxes completed and already the meager refund has been deposited in our checking account.

Moving takes a lot out of one. And then there's the settling in. And then there's the discovery of a roof drain pipe that leaks - and of course, it extends the full length of the building. Translation: when it rains, it leaks. When it leaks, it leaks on to the floor of the lower level. Further translation: it leaks on to the carpet. And one more translation: this is where the chess players play in the tournaments we hold. We're praying our multi-talented contractor comes back from Florida very, very soon to replace that last bit of iron roof drain pipe. The part that leaks. The part that makes me grit my teeth.

My, my, my. Of course, those are not the words I'm using nonverbally when it's 3am and I'm using an old carpet shampooer to suck up water. Drought in Texas and Oklahoma and Dayton, Ohio has enough water coming down to make one wonder where in the heck are those plans for the ark. I've had thoughts of somehow diverting the water from the drain pipe on the roof....maybe clear to Texas and/or Oklahoma. Alas - cannot be done. However, with bits of plastic sheeting and containers to hold water leaking from the pipes - it is quite a sight to behold.

In the meantime (when it's not raining), I finally finished a quilt. A UFO bites the dust. Oh yes. The lovely appliqued blocks were from a online swap of long ago. I think one of those blocks are mine...but I shall never reveal which one. Also quilted it using my trusty Brothers machine, aka Brothers DSM. DSM=Domestic Sewing Machine. Oh I love those acryonyms. And I have just enough muslin to finish two more UFOs and then on to wide backings of whatever I can find - as long as it's not muslin. Muslin is so unforgiving when one is FMQing (free motion quilting).

Add a dose of severe sinus problems and eyes that hurt quite a bit of the day along with rain duty, and you can understand why I haven't dragged my body into the retreat room to sew. Oh yes - retreat room. That's the room Riley & I share. Can't call it the sewing room. Never have seen Riley in that room with needle in hand. Maybe one stuck in his foot - but never holding one in his hand.

So yes, I do quilt...when the rain stops.