Friday, May 27, 2016

The Trouble with Reorganizing.....

27 May 2016

The trouble with reorganizing is this:  something is always around the corner that makes one's last reorganization efforts look - well, shabby.  

Not bad.  The cubicles have nice little baskets and the side cubicles have fabric wrapped neatly around foam core boards.  Problem was - out of sight, out of mind.  

Read about wrapping fabric in a specific way....which sounded pretty darn well nifty.  Out came a 5" wide ruler....many days of ironing and folding...and jumping lizards, lengths of fabric found their way into nice neat stacks.  

Yes, the cubicles are still in place with baskets ....only baskets no longer contain fabric.  Gone are the foam core boards....and now FQs, 1 yard plus yardage now neatly stacked.  Batiks - by themselves.  They are snotty fabric - so they don't mingle with the other tone-on-tones, black & white - nor any other non-batik fabrics.  

Then there was this area:

 which became this area:

 Mz Janome actually is sitting on the table to the right.  She's not very happy as the ganglion cyst on left hand made another appearance awhile ago and makes sewing darn near impossible.  Hand specialist appointment takes place on the 2nd of June.  I shudder to think this may mean surgery again.  Surgery wasn't bad - but after the cast was removed (that was some cyst, eh??), the months of physical therapy made me weep.  But then - I am the Queen of Paper Cuts. 

Now to remain steadfast.  No more looking at Pinterest and thinking - oh yeah, that IS the ultimate way to organize my fabric stash. 

I will remain content for awhile to just sit in the sewing room (which still does not have a name) and soak in the wonderfully folded and stacked fabric stash.  It is very calming....

Soon....I will quilt again.  


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