Saturday, April 22, 2017

...And those FCBs keep on growing.....22 April 2017

The growing has stopped.  All.100.of.them.  With the planned 2" sashing and cornerstones, the Fussy Crumb Blocks project should be just right for our queen size platform bed.  

What is very interesting about these FCBs is this:  No matter how many times I pressed and added and pressed and added, each block came a joy just to see the various contrasts in color.  Most were FCBs.  A good handful plus were simply CBs....Crumb Blocks.  Even those were a joy.  

May not look it, but this is actually 10 blocks wide.  

It's been much needed therapy while I wait for another followup mammogram on Monday.  Three years of feeling pretty content all was well with the yearly exam.  Now back to the unsettling feeling.  At least I'm not unfamiliar with this adventure.

God is good....All the time.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Finally Photos of "Our" Cottage....14 Apr 2017

Home sweet home. 

Managed to download the photos from my iPhone....and I can almost bet the photos won't be right side up ....  Let's explore together.

The cottage....

Yes, dear sweet husband letting himself.   Another view?  Maybe....
 There's even a garage at the end of the driveway...a storage garage :-)

 a view of the kitchen....adorable!  It's at the end of the living/dining room area.....

 And then there are these two views of the living room area:

 And a few more.....
Bedroom of course....big enough for bed, a cute dresser and a tv mounted on the wall.

And a bad shot of the bathroom....but there really is a nice size shower in here....

And through a small hallway - the sun room.  This is truly lovely.....

The owners have done a wonderful job with this cute cottage.  
They live on the property next door - and it's a beautiful brick home.  Hope to get a photo next time.

What a wonderful way to spend time away from home....still be close to visit Riley's mom....and a terrific get away!

And yes - I did some hand stitching.  More Hexies!!!

My "forever" project!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Brief Visit to Wellington, Ohio.....12 April 2017

Ahhh....a real challenge this early morning at 2:45am.  Using my iPad for a blog update.  Should prove to be very interesting.

We left yesterday morning (a mere 2 hours later than scheduled) for Wellington, Ohio.  Three hour drive from Dayton.  A visit with Riley's mom was in order - and long overdue.  Her health is slowly fading and her memory isn't what it used to be - but then, as we become older & wiser, whose memory is not what it used to be.  But her heart - continues to be loving and kind as time goes on.  Couldn't ask for more.  

We are staying at a lovely cottage, thanks to Riley's sister who has a friend who offers this cottage free of charge for friends & family.  It's so cute!  And of course since I cannot figure out exactly how to download the camera photos, it will have to wait until later to share just how cute this place is.  

Hexie project came with me - which, again - no photo available yet.  

Technology - can't figure it out but cannot live without out.


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Fussy Crumb Blocks Revisited 5 April 2017

Squirrel moments again.  One day I will come up with a plan and stick to it.  Think that will ever happen?  Me neither. 

Fussy Crumb Blocks....

This was the original.  Emphasis on the WAS.

I am truly not sure why this plan wasn't a full blown GO.  After a few pleasurable hours of unsewing (or frogging or is it defrogging?) - and yes, it really was pleasurable - I sat and pondered.  Okay, maybe not the pondering - but I did think about it.  

Original idea morphed into:

 I think I will like it.  

Unless the squirrel reappears.