Saturday, April 22, 2017

...And those FCBs keep on growing.....22 April 2017

The growing has stopped.  All.100.of.them.  With the planned 2" sashing and cornerstones, the Fussy Crumb Blocks project should be just right for our queen size platform bed.  

What is very interesting about these FCBs is this:  No matter how many times I pressed and added and pressed and added, each block came a joy just to see the various contrasts in color.  Most were FCBs.  A good handful plus were simply CBs....Crumb Blocks.  Even those were a joy.  

May not look it, but this is actually 10 blocks wide.  

It's been much needed therapy while I wait for another followup mammogram on Monday.  Three years of feeling pretty content all was well with the yearly exam.  Now back to the unsettling feeling.  At least I'm not unfamiliar with this adventure.

God is good....All the time.


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Diamond D said...

WOW, the colours just bounce out to me Sharon! Amazing how you have persevered through each step along the way. Your queen bed is going to ver a very royal place to be when this quilt adorns it. Congrats at reaching this step of the way....and on to the next step. Way to go myfriend!