Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Brief Visit to Wellington, Ohio.....12 April 2017

Ahhh....a real challenge this early morning at 2:45am.  Using my iPad for a blog update.  Should prove to be very interesting.

We left yesterday morning (a mere 2 hours later than scheduled) for Wellington, Ohio.  Three hour drive from Dayton.  A visit with Riley's mom was in order - and long overdue.  Her health is slowly fading and her memory isn't what it used to be - but then, as we become older & wiser, whose memory is not what it used to be.  But her heart - continues to be loving and kind as time goes on.  Couldn't ask for more.  

We are staying at a lovely cottage, thanks to Riley's sister who has a friend who offers this cottage free of charge for friends & family.  It's so cute!  And of course since I cannot figure out exactly how to download the camera photos, it will have to wait until later to share just how cute this place is.  

Hexie project came with me - which, again - no photo available yet.  

Technology - can't figure it out but cannot live without out.


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Diamond D said...

The great thing about photos is that they will last until you are able to share later. The cute cottage is quite aazing in the pic I did see. Way to go,,,,
I am really pleased that you arevsettled and happy there. Great news. Guess you will have a place to stay now each visit wich will ake tongs really pleasant and cozy. Enjoy today's breakfast visit .