Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday's Thoughts

Isn't it funny how technology changes the way we look at life. Years ago I kept a dairy and I recorded poems, feelings ...and it had this little key that guaranteed my privacy. Then the dairies were no longer in vogue - but journals were... So I kept a journal - but no key this time. Journals just don't seem to have keys. Now - welcome in the blogs. Electronic dairies for the world to ponder (that is, those who have the time to read those million of blogs across the world).
I took an English class years ago and one discussion we had has remained in my fondest of memories. The instructor asked what words we knew would require a definition in order to be understood. A strange request...but we gradually started to throw out names. Churchkey (this was before the invention of pulltabs on soda cans - remember?) ... and how long ago was ".com" an unknown?
And so now I start on the adventure of the blog. Life is amazing, isn't it? It presents us with so many adventures - and I cannot wait to share those adventures with our newest member of the family - grandson Ethan. Ah, Ethan - the words I will share with you as you grow older!

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