Sunday, May 01, 2005

Life's Chess Lessons

Today is Sunday...the last day of a two day chess tournament we're hosting. I say "we" but it's really the brainchild of my dear husband Riley of 33+ years. Over four years ago we bought a building in downtown Dayton; life hasn't been the same since. It's been a time of change, frustrations, wonderment, joy...but most of all, challenge. A lot of people have come and gone; some have revisited ...some came once, never to be seen again. Others come back on a regular basis.

If you ever are curious about how people view life, how they treat others...or just plain curious, you need to visit the Dayton Chess Club. That's what our building houses. Imagine...people pay to play chess. At any rate, I have learned so much from just watching the people who come here to play chess. Far better than taking any psychology class...and far better than paying for therapy. When you think you're at your lowest point, someone will come in and your low point seems very foolish. Score one for God again...He sure does have a way of reaching out to us to give us a loving thump on the head to "think again".

God has a plan for us with this building. I've said that over and over and each day brings another step closer to what He wants us to do. And watching these wonderful people come in and call the Dayton Chess Club their second home is part of His plan. Of that I am convinced.

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