Sunday, October 09, 2005

October - A Month for Reflection

October - a month of a lot of activity for this family.

Our daughter and her husband are expecting any day (no, they do not know whether or not the newcomer will be a boy or girl - their decision for which I applaud loudly), our grandson had his first birthday on the 5th of October, same daughter had her birthday on the 4th of October and my beloved father will have his birthday on the 13th (over 70 years of age and power walks every single day - no small feat in Oshkosh, WI!)

So now our grandson is walking and crawling is a lost memory for him. We're anxiously awaiting another grandchild. The leaves are turning and weather has gotten colder. Each day I'm a day closer to retiring from a 30 year career with federal service. Yet, even with retirement looming very close (a year and four months - but who is counting?), each day brings new discoveries and a sense that it can only get better.

I would not trade today nor any other day for a chance to be 20 or 30 or even 40 again. If you had asked me as little as 10 years ago if I would like to return in time, I know I would have answered yes, of course - without hesitation. So what has changed? Perhaps wisdom in knowing that today is the best day yet - and tomorrow will be even better...

Every day my husband and I try to read Proverbs and one of the prevailing themes is wisdom. Without wisdom, one is lost. And God certainly had a plan by bestowing wisdom as we get older simply by having faith - faith in the unseen.

Today is beautiful - and I know tomorrow will be even more beautiful. I have faith!

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