Sunday, July 02, 2006

2 July 2006

Today was good. We spent a good portion of the day with our son, his wife and our grandson. God gave such a gift to parents when He made it possible for them to become grandparents.

We get so busy when raising our children. We focus on work, paying the bills, rushing from soccer practice to basketball games to swim meets - and the next thing you know, the kids are grown and they leave home. Both of our children found their soul mate (mothers just know those things) and then blessed us with grandchildren. And this is where God's magnificant plan comes into being.

When we become grandparents, God gives us time to slow down and enjoy. I've been given this precious time to pick a flower and hand it to my grandson - and watch him slowly pull the petals off the flower and afterwards holds it out to his mommy as if it were still whole. And then moments later, when he has the now bedraggled flower back in his hand, smiles when I said it was okay to let it go and it falls to the sidewalk. Even a simple stroll to a local festival becomes an adventure when you get to see life through the eyes of an almost-two year old.

I am surely blessed. I thank God for His gift of grandchildren. But most of all, I praise Him for providing me a husband for 35 years now who manages to find good in an tempered wife who falls short of the mark every so often.