Monday, August 07, 2006

Quilts and Grandchildren

7 August 2006

On our way to spend Saturday evening with husband's parents, we stopped by for a short visit with our daughter, son-in-law & baby granddaughter. By a short visit, that means anything less than 8 hours. Rheya is growing so quickly and it's a joy to see her when we can (which is not enough). We have a wonderful family - and to be able to be part of that family is more than joy itself.

My son-in-law calls me "mom #2". You cannot imagine the thrill I feel each time I hear it. He probably is unaware of just how much those three words mean to me. I can see that he makes our daughter happy and that he's a good dad, a good provider ... and that's all I need to know.

And our daughter - she's a stay-at-home Mom and loves it. I would have never guessed how fulfilled that makes her...and you can tell just from the way she talks. When I observe her with Rheya, I see all that is good in the world.

And Rheya ... she is a gem. She has this way of studying things very closely and I am absolutely sure that she looks into your soul when she looks at you. And when she smiles - I'm a goner then.

On the flip side, we also have a son, daughter-in-law and not-such-a-baby grandson. Our daughter-in-law is wonderful; she's smart, she's beautiful and she's a terrific mom. As our son would say often when he was five or six - I just know those things.

Our son has a lot going for him - kind, compassionate, loves his family - and has all the makings of an entrepreneur. I do know this - he writes beautifully and from the soul, is very good at what he does (manages an office in the local area) and doesn't settle for a sit-back-and-watch life.

And then there's Ethan. Ah Ethan. Enough energy in this almost-two-year-old to light up all of California and then some. He sees the possibilities of a simple large plastic bowl; in all of thirty seconds, it's a boat, a hat, a drum and a stool.

I have recently taken up quilting after many years. Why I left it, I will never know. The cutting, the sewing, the planning (no, that's not out of order...I just think differently than most people!) - it's all part of one big beautiful picture. I piece together one twelve-inch block and look at it and just marvel that I created this.

And now I think - how can I capture the love, the warmth, the strong feelings I have for my family - our daughter, son, their spouses and their beautiful children, into a quilt?

I believe I have found the answer - a quilt for each. These may take a long time - but that's okay. There was a time when I didn't think we would be this blessed to have such a wonderful family. God is more than good - He is awesome!

I saw a bumper sticker the other day (what else CAN you do other than read bumper stickers while you're waiting for that light to change!?!?!?) and it had quite an impact on me...

If you think it's great here - wait until you see what God has in store for you.


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