Sunday, September 10, 2006

10 September 2006

Tomorrow marks five years. There will never be a time that the world does not picture destruction, chaos and anger when "nine-one-one" is spoken. I was on my way to the Dayton International Airport with our son. He had joined the Air Force Reserves and that day was his departure to San Antonio, home of the famed "Basic Training". His dad was going to join us at the airport to see him off.
We were about halfway there when the phone rang. Our daughter had been watching the news - and the rest is history. Our son's departure was delayed - and the world became so very different. And still today I hear we shouldn't be over there. I just don't get it. What is it that it not understood? The land we claim to love was attacked - thousands of Americans died just by going to work and doing their job - and we shouldn't be over there?

I woke up with these thoughts this morning - on a Sunday morning, barely 6:30am. I would much prefer to wake up with more pleasant thoughts - such as, hmmm - Sunday, what things can I do after Sunday and my famed Sunday nap...

From my desk, I can watch the sunrise out of our 6th story window. We live in a high rise apartment - a first for husband & I. By some miracle, we managed to snag a 6th floor one bedroom apartment, all of 830+ square feet of it. Small? Yes, if I think of the 4 bedroom home we had for 26+ years we sold about 2+ years ago. Cozy here? You bet. It makes one very creative with the space provided. I would very much like to move to a 2-bedroom someday. But for now - this is home and every day when I leave & come back, it welcomes me warmly.

I've been reading our son's blog since day one - and I am amazed. He and his wife bought their first home - a condo. It needs some work (flooring and painting) and he's been writing of their progress. There's such insight this young man has. A husband, a father, a provider - and he's still our son.

I never really gave much thought to how dear husband & I should be raising both our children other than to always make sure we had time for them. Husband traveled a lot with his job (and still does) so that particular area fell to me most times. But even with all husband's traveling, we always managed to go together for most of the basketball games, the soccer games, Little League games, dance performances... My husband has a little saying written on a small piece of paper that's posted to his desk..... Time cannot be replaced. Now when I read our son's blogs, I have little to worry. While we may have made some mistakes raising our children (who hasn't?), the proof is in the adult. We did a fine job with raising both our children. They have turned out to be caring adults - and they're doing a beautiful job raising their children.

This must be the payoff every father and mother dreams about. Until the children are grown, your efforts as a parent aren't evident. And our payoff are the two beautiful grandchildren they thoughtfully have provided!

And now the sun is slowly coming up on this beautiful Sunday. Indeed - this is the day the Lord has made - let us be glad and rejoice in it!


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