Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day before Surgery

Tomorrow I'll finally have the ganglion cyst removed from my left wrist. This has been bothering me for more months than I care to think about. Life threatening - no. Cumbersome - yes. Terrified about tomorrow - no. Mildly scared about tomorrow - oh yes.

I've had several surgeries in my life - most of which were considered "major". Not to go down a road of tangents - but who determines what's major and what's minor? If it's a removal of an ingrown toenail, it's major.

I've been reminded of these surgeries when the question came up several times in the past two weeks. Dates of previous surgeries? Who remember dates? You want details - I can give you details.

Eating at White Castle the day prior to the first surgery - and which time the diagnosis was 'unknown mass, possibly cancer'. Okay - so I loved White Castle then. I've since moved up to Wympee's, a real down-home 40 year old plus diner not too far from where we live - which has sadly transitioned to the addition of Mexican cruisine. By the way - it wasn't cancer, praise God.

Second surgery - much less cause for a trip to White Castle. That was the hysterectomy. That was when we bought two Australian Shepard puppies. Word to the wise - puppies bought in the winter are not a good idea. Especially when the winter involves snow, ice and lots of cold and going outdoors.

Third surgery - suspected hernia, emergency room, phone call to husband to come home from his trip to Georgia. Pain pills afterwards got rid of the pain - but also robbed one of sleep. Doc's solution - prescription for sleeping pills. Wasn't a hernia - but a regrowth of what the first surgery was supposed to have taken care of.

There has been a fourth surgery since then ... and nothing monumental comes to mind except a plea to the doctor that when I wake up from it, please do not subject me to the indignity of a catherater. He didn't, I was pleased.

Dates? I suspect that I will never remember dates for events so mundane as surgeries. I have to refer to my date book for birthdays - except for two of them. Husband's birthday is one that I won't have to find the date book - and granddaughter Rheya's birthday as I was there at her birth and will cherish that memory for the rest of my life. And oh yes, wedding anniversary. Memory of eloping and our 25th anniversary when we renewed our vows in church - having dad walk me down the aisle and seeing my dear husband as if for the first time.

Dates are reserved for momentous occasions...and wonderful, funny memories. Thank God I can still remember the good ones.


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