Saturday, December 16, 2006

Family Blessings

Today I get to spend time with our daughter & granddaughter. Recently, daughter & son-in-law bought a home - their first. We weren't able to help with the actual move from leased townhouse to house so today sis & I will drive the 90 minutes or so and help organize the new home.

Sunday I'll meet son at a local YMCA - he'll play basketball (church league) and I'll watch grandson. Mom is working - so I get the honor of entertaining the "little man", as dubbed by son.

Family blessings, you bet. Dear husband will be directing a chess tournament today & tomorrow so the blessings extend solely to me. This bothers me a great deal.

The hardest part of growing your own family is the reality that someday they will grow their family and family events now become their own family events. Getting together for birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas present more and more challenges. In some families, those challenges serve as an excuse and family celebrations no longer occur. It's difficult not to take up the reins & become the overbearing Matriarch. So instead I step back and pray for the best. And I am not comfortable with this. It's in our nature as MOMS to want to FIX things - which is not to say that DADS do not. Dads do want to fix things - but when it's not possible, they face reality & hire a carpenter or plumber and things get fixed. Moms could care less about fixing physical objects - we operate in the emotion mode, pure & simple. Why we women live longer than men is beyond me.

So I have to remember - dear husband & I have each other and that's a forever thing. We raised a beautiful daughter and son who are devoted to their spouse and child. God has blessed us beyond comprehension and I am learning to count that blessing as His major blessing for us.


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