Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gentle Reminders If You Listen...

Once again, I got a nudge from the Holy Spirit.

It was just this morning that I wrote about the elusive Christmas blues. While not overwhelming, it stuck there for awhile - despite listing my many blessings.

I left for work this morning and immediately after going out the front lobby (we live in a terrific high rise apartment building - yes, we are proudly 'cave dwellers' as one of my coworkers pointed out), I was hit with tiny ice crystals. Yes, sigh, winter is here. As most cave dwellers do not have the luxury of an attached (or detached) garage, I had this feeling the car would require a light scraping of the ice off the all window surfaces. But not so! The windows, albeit frigid cold, were clear as could be. Terrific! I drive to work, snow flurries everywhere but not a slick spot to be found anywhere. Within an hour of settling down to work, reports of car accidents are coming in by the minute - as many as ten cars involved. Ah - but this is not the gentle reminder of which I titled this post.

About a year ago, I signed up for a wonderful daily email called "Today's Seed". It takes all of two minutes to read and it just sets the tone for the rest of my day. Granted, sometimes it's read and nothing really resonates - but still, it does give me a sense of peace. Today was the day of the gentle nudge - the gentle reminder. The email read as follows:

LORD, in this time of the year when so many people are concerned about so many details, family visits, and holiday preparations, help me shut out the distractions, filter out things that are not really important, and do what is most important of all. I want to listen to You and spend quality time with You. Thank You for Your patience and Your forgiveness for the times I have neglected You because I couldn't manage those details. I want this year to be different. Help me make it so.

Therein was the time spent with God has been constantly cut short, put to the side - and I simply viewed it as the Christmas blues.

God, I got the picture, loud and clear. Thank you, Holy Spirit. It's not about the DAY, it's not about the presents (that was hard to write), it's not about gathering the family together... it's all about the relationship. Without the relationship with God, the world is a little grayer - the discontent takes over - the little annoyances become major problems.

Many times we need those gentle nudges, those gentle reminders to get with the program. Take the time to talk to God - or rant and rave to Him. He's heard it all and still loves us unconditionally. And after talking - listen. You'll hear from Him - it's a guarantee.


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