Sunday, December 17, 2006

Moving In

Yesterday, sis & I drove to daughter's and son-in-law's (aka THE KIDS) new home and helped unpack a few boxes. The result: almost useable kitchen, clothes hung up granddaughter's walk in closet (she's a year old and has a walk-in closet. I foresee trouble here....), helped with a few loads of laundry and learned something very valuable.

When one wants to feel needed, just ask them for help. I don't believe there is a better feeling in the world than knowing you're needed.

The kids' home is beautifully located in a safe neighborhood. Lots of space and already I saw touches that say "this is our home". It was a joy being part of the 'moving in' process. Dear husband hasn't seen the home yet. I'm hoping we can drive up on Christmas Eve if the weather holds.

Now both our children own homes - and what a nice feeling that is. While we enjoy apartment living now, we raised both of them in a lovely 4 bedroom home with a nice large back & side yard. Having one's own home provides the feeling of 'this is mine' and establishing roots - even if it's for a couple of years before moving on.

Looking back, I know there's been a change in how I view what I call "home". While we were raising our two children, we owned our home and while it was nicely furnished, I don't recall the excitement of finding a piece of furniture or hanging up a picture on the wall that would add that personal touch. Yes, there were pictures on the wall - even a 'family wall' that I enjoyed looking at - and humorous stories of buying furniture (dear husband leans towards early victorian while I head straight to the modern - it took months to buy a new sofa), there wasn't that feeling of giving that personal touch to the home. Perhaps it was working full time - going to school in the evenings - getting the kids to soccer, basketball or dance.... Perhaps my memory is faulty and I did have that personal touch and it was there without my awareness.

At any rate, yesterday was a revelation. Seeing the nice touches son #2 was adding to his home brought a realization that even living in an apartment one can be pleased with creating those personal touches that make it a home.

As I write, I've been watching the sun rise. What a glorious way to reflect, watch this part of the city slowly come into the light - and being able to thank God for His blessings. We are truly blessed.


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