Sunday, January 14, 2007

Family Trust and Faith

Yesterday afternoon I babysat our grandson for a couple of hours. This was a good thing. Even though I'm family, faith & trust was placed in me that all would be well while the parents took time for themselves to enjoy a movie.

I learned four truths while looking after this wonderful young man of 2 years plus.

First, we all start out with an incredible energy level. Sadly, we seem to lose this energy level as time goes on. I know the body isn't capable of doing things when it's 80 years old as it did when it was 15 years old ... but I believe now that we let the world dictate what's proper and what's not. Two year old kids can constantly revolve their bodies in circles for a couple of minutes and laugh when they fall down. Thirty year old people wouldn't even think of spinning in circles. Okay, maybe alone but not in public. I taught grandson the penquin walk which he picked up immediately. Mom was cool - she mimicked son immediately. Dad - well, he's a little more reserved. Dads are like that sometimes.

Second, never take a two year olds' words for gospel. If they say they like a certain food, don't believe it for a second. If it involves cooking something - think twice. The cheesey eggs story will be one I'll be telling for years. This two year old is bright. No, make that brilliant. He immediately linked not eating lunch meant taking a nap. For twenty minutes we went from "I like cheesey eggs" to "I no like cheesey eggs". He ate part of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and then took a nap (no cookies and apple juice though).

Third, never underestimate the power of a hug. This child gives the best hugs in the world - okay, next to my husband's hugs. It's unreserved, accompanied by a smile and a kiss. It doesn't matter what sort of mishappenings occured during the day - the hug, smile and kiss takes it all away.

Fourth, family. I have learned the hard way that family will always be there no matter what. For a couple of years, we lost touch with one of our family members. I still believe God had His hands on us during that time. It taught us a couple of things. Patience, love and family comes before anything else. My husband drove 150 miles the day before his father's birthday, spent the night with his sister & her family and the next morning surprised his dad and mom for dad's birthday. My husband spent one of his vacation days to do this - and it meant catching up on work when he returned. Yet, it was important to do this. Family will be there no matter what. While I didn't really grasp this while looking after the grandson - I had a sense of this for awhile and it became a truth yesterday afternoon.

Our son has a blog. Every so often he comes up with a thought that stuns me - and then fills me with pride. He has discovered family. He wrote about accountability - and not turning off his cell phone. I tied that all into the concept of family - being available if needed. He's the dad of this magnificant 2 year old I mentioned earlier. And he's so blessed with a wife who can learn the penquin walk and laugh about it. I count my blessings to include the fact they live close to us.

Can't wait for the next episode of watching grandson. I bet I'll learn there's a fifth truth.


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