Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Day with Grandson

Yesterday was Saturday - and we spent a little over 5 hours with our grandson while mom & dad were working. Dad is an AF reservist and this was his working weekend; mom works at a childrens' store (always a great thing when you have a child of your own).

The adventure of potty-training was ours on Saturday. This was supplemented by taking a walk with our lion sticks, examining dirty snow and watching grandson jump off the top of our car into grandpa's arms (not for the faint hearted - which was was cut short by grandma).

Did I really do all these things when our children were growing up? Now that they're both adults with a child of their own, I have a difficult time remembering if we took walks, found sticks and were prepared to beat off the lions or touching snow several times to see if it really was dirty. I DO remember the days of potty-training; no parent ever forgets those days. The sense of accomplishment and joy on a child's face to do something we take for granted...and seeing the child's face when putting on those marvelous 'big boy' or 'big girl' pants.

It's been a week plus since I broke my toe on my right foot (the toe next to the big toe) while getting into the tub to take a shower (lesson learned - RAISE the foot highter next time). This affliction caused a few problems while babysitting. We're experiencing spring-like weather now and we took a turn taking a walk with grandson...and I had to cut our walk a little short. This 2+ year old can run fast so I knew I would be limited should he decide to show off this ability. Somehow he knew that he needed to stay by my side during the short walk - and in that short ten minutes or so we listened to the birds, poked the remaining snow at the end of a parking area, waved our sticks just in case the lions were watching, slapped the sticks in a puddle and identified that noise as an ambulance passing by.

It was truly a wonderful experience...but truth be told, by the time both parents arrived home, I was tired. No, not just tired - exhausted.

God's plan surely does work - the young need to be raised by the young. Grandparents are given the honor to step in and babysit for a limited number of hours - that's about all we can take. I learned so much in those few hours - and hope to learn so much more when we get calls to help out. I don't know if our kids realize that we're really not helping them out - they're helping us make a Saturday an extraordinary adventure.


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