Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Attack of the Valley

On Friday of last week I admitted defeat and called my dear husband to pick me up at work to take me home. The sinus attack finally took hold. The rest of Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday I battled the sinuses. Cold medicine, allergy medicine, Advil, Tylenol - if we had it, I took it. Sinus symptoms won, hands down.

We live in the valley of hades here in Dayton Ohio. When the pollen count is high, it settles in the Miami Valley and plagues many allergy suffers. Word is that a radiologist can look at someone's lung xray and be able to foretell if they've ever lived in the Miami Valley. A better claim to fame would be preferred. I missed church today by sleeping most of the day. Husband brought home a new product - Allergy MD. We shall see if this really does the trick. If price is any indicator of effectiveness, it should work really well. So far it has wiped out the sinus headache - a real plus. Congestion - hasn't diminished it nor has the pain in both ears. Perhaps it is one of those accumulative medications ... after 120 days, one is symptom free. But then, in 120 days, the pollen count will return to normal levels.

For a few days, I will suffer (not in silence, much to the dismay of all) and within a couple of weeks, this shall be a distant memory. I'm praying for that.


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