Friday, April 13, 2007

Warranty Blues

The 10th of April 2007 marked the day of realization.

I went to work as usual - only to experience pain like I've never experienced within an hour of getting ready to start the work day. Within the hour, my dear husband had me in the doctor's office. Blood was drawn, various poking in tender spots by the doctor, and I went home with an initial diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. Hours later, blood work revealed normal pancreas enzymes ... diagnosis changed to acute gastritis.

After much research, I have discovered that the warranty on this body has expired. In younger days, dinner could be a bag of chips and dip - and a soda (NOT diet). Not an ounce was gained. The warranty held up the body quite well. Not so any more.

Eating balanced meals, exercise & rest. Sounds simple enough. When one is not accustomed to self-discipline and an overwhelming desire for dessert before salad, it becomes more than a challenge.

At the age of 55, I plan on living for another 50 years. A lifestyle change is in order & prayers are most welcomed!


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