Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Picnic with Grandson

On the 16th of June, a pre-Father's Day picnic was thoroughly enjoyed by myself, dear husband, my sister, dear son and his son. Three generations of men - but for me, the attention was focused shamelessly on our grandson.

We held the picnic at Riverscape - a beautifully landscaped area next to the Miami River (not the most picturesque river - but it is moving water and it does hold a strange fascination for ducks).

One of Riverscape's attractions is a unique "square" of shooting fountains - perhaps twelve of them. At times, all twelve fountains shoot straight up - and then one by one, turn off - and then they come back again, one at a time - or two. You just don't figure it out - you just merely hope you can run through it when it's dormant. Grandson managed to do it once and claimed victory by jumping up and down with his hands raised. Such a glorious victory dance for an almost-three-year old. The second attraction is the little fast food shack that has the greatest ice cream in the world - soft swirl with ribbons of flavor. You can choose from 15 varieties - my personal favorite is Tropical Orange (which I opted to forgo - not with that last glucose reading!). Enjoying grandson's reaction to sharing a cone with his dad was better than eating one myself.

The highlight of the picnic was a walk with the little man along the riverwalk. Other than a continuous clutch of the heart, it was a beautiful walk. We discovered the lovely presents the ducks leave everywhere - which he declared with great enthusiasm "duck POOP" every thirty seconds, accompanied with pointing of finger and leaning down to get a good look. Several families rented paddle boats - most of which resemble large ducks. You could see the yearning on his face to get in one right away. Uh uh - that's definitely a mom & dad decision. The next best thing was to wave to the paddlers. When they waved back, he was thrilled. A second wave along with a couple of jumps brought smiles from the paddlers every time. The sunburned shoulders later that day mattered little.

I cannot express the joy this young man brings into our lives every single time we see him. It's beyond words. It's beyond description. It's simply pure joy.

I thank God every day for the blessings He gives me - a beautiful sunrise, a day of hearing laughter, a phone call from my traveling husband when he reaches his hotel room, an email from my dad - and a few hours with a grandchild. Blessed? Beyond comprehension.


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