Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July

Today DH and I celebrated the Fourth by watching a home town parade - with grandson as the main attraction. There is nothing like watching a parade through an almost-three-year old. He danced, he waved his small flag - and he constantly tested the don't-go-in-the-street rule. Dad was there too, along with grandson's other grandparents plus a friend of his other grandmom's; it was a great experience. I missed seeing our daughter-in-law who had to work. Thousands of people sat in chairs and stood up whenever a group marched by with the American flag. Marching bands - cheerleaders - a few floats - and lots more various bands who were transported by trucks pulling flatbeds - and lots of advertisers took advantage of promoting their businesses.

After the parade, son, grandson, DH & I walked for at least a mile, looking at the various vendors. The highlight of the walk was the most elaborate outdoor "porty-potty" I have ever seen. No sirree - not your typical blue, one door, must-I-go-in-there john we've all seen. This was the king of all kings. Sitting regally on the parking lot of a gas station, it boasted FIVE stalls, piped in music, 3 sinks with running water - AND air conditioning that turned on when the entrance door closed. Of course, that was just the women's side. For some odd reason, neither of the two men (grandson didn't count) would venture over to the men's side just to give me a report. Funny - that would not have been a problem had I asked a female to check out the women's side.

Almost 4 hours later, we arrived home - tired and sunburned. Our planned picnic was cancelled due to thunderstorms, so we had a quiet dinner in the dining room, feasting on picnic fare.

Couple of observations and thoughts now that I look back at the time spent watching the parade. I still get teary eyed over high school marching bands. I marvel over World War II veterans still participating in walking down that long mile plus in uniform. There is still pride in standing up whenever the American flag passes by. I love all-drummer marching bands best. My heart warmed when I heard grandson's other grandpa thank a couple of the kids from the parade who walked by with a "job well done" and "you were terrific". Being welcomed warmly into this yearly tradition of watching the parade by daughter-in-law's parents.

Great day - great company - and later on, great food (even if it was enjoyed indoors).


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