Thursday, August 09, 2007

Anxiety Followup

Several months ago (three to be exact - but who's counting??), I suffered through a mammogram (routine) and shortly thereafter, an ultrasound (not routine). The ultrasound pinpointed something "suspicious" but not "overly suspicious". Is this like - being kinda sorta pregnant?

Today, the followup ultrasound took place. Outwardly, just another ultrasound - pictures taken just in that one area. Inwardly, lots of "what ifs". The technician was very good but had to be reminded several times to ease up on the glider (she tends to "get into" her work). Frankly, I didn't see what was so fascinating on the screen that distracted her from ensuring the pressure was light.

Shortly thereafter, she called the radiologist (only several rooms down the hallway) to let him (her?) know the pictures were on the way. There's technology - and then there's technology. Several rooms down the hall and she emails the results? Maybe the radiologist really isn't down the hallway but is in India and they just tell the patients the down-the-hall story. After some chit-chat, she leaves - warning me to please remain where I was & keep the gown on. I think by saying "keep the gown on" is more than enough to keep me from wandering the halls. Heaven knows, I might meet up with the radiologist down the hall. Several minutes later, she returns - all is well, the pictures were received. Very interesting set up. Email the results, call to see if the email was received, walk down the hall to ensure the results were received, release the patient. A little time management study might be in order here. After several more seconds, the technician mutters "oh shoot" and dials a number on the phone. "Did you see that note - the dr wants the report right away".

My heart stops. Okay - right away. What does that mean? We suspect the worse, so hurry up and confirm? We know it's bad - so hurry up and confirm? Before I go into panic mode, I remember my last conversation with our family dr. The followup ultrasound was to be done in three to six months. My reputation as the paper cut queen (also fondly referred to as the "hang nail queen), prompted the dr to reassure me that waiting three months vs six months is a splendid idea. Which prompted the immediate report. Whew. Thank God for decent memory recall.

Report should be ready tomorrow - which I will gladly accompany my dear husband to HIS appointment and ask nonchalantly "hey, how did that ultrasound go on Thursday?"

I think I can pull it off.


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