Friday, August 10, 2007

Up the Anxiety a Tad

Today I accompanied my dear husband for a doctor's appointment - on the off chance the ultrasound came back. Always nice when husband & wife share the same doctor. Granted, this "short term" ultrasound was done just yesterday - but the word 'rush' was used, right?

Sure enough, the results were back. I really do hate the 'good news, bad news' routine, but it seems appropriate.

Good news is - the "spot" (what do we call it?) has not grown. Bad news it - it doesn't fit the "profile" of a cyst nor a breast lesion. Profile? What is a profile? A profile is appropriate for say - a guy who breaks into houses & makes himself a sandwich before he robs the place blind. That's a profile. How does something so small have a "profile"? I imagine this tiny cell, searching for his identity to make himself a name.

At any rate, our family doctor has already made an appointment for me to see a surgeon on the 22nd of August. Now, that's enough to make anyone sit up & notice. Surgeons = cutting. That's always been my experience. Little does anyone know that they also order special tests. The radiologist was nice enough to offer perhaps two avenues to the surgeon: biopsy or a high contrast MRI. I think when I grow up I want to be a radiologist. They look at pictures all day long and then pass the buck on to a surgeon. Sounds like a good deal to me. Have you ever read a radiologist's report? Now THAT'S an exercise in conservatism. Words like "suspicion maintained" and "further evaluation is warranted". This leads me to believe malpractice does not run rampart among radiologists.

The next step is to simply wait and try not to over-research the few words I can glean out of the radiologist's report.


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