Friday, September 07, 2007

Anxiety Removed

It's official. The MRI showed absolutely NO cancer cells. Zip, zilch, zero, NONE.

Simply put, I was stunned. The surgeon flipped through my chart, looking at the mammogram report, then the 2 ultrasound reports - and again at the MRI results. Frankly - a miracle. While he would like another MRI in six months, medical insurance would never agree to it. He settled on another mammogram in six months - and back to the routine of yearly checks.

While I was stunned, darling husband was not. To the surgeon's immense pleasure, my dearest friend danced around in the examining room. Later, it hit me. He was my rock during these past couple of months. Whatever resulted, WE would handle it. And if he could, he'd do it by himself. Until many hours later, I realized how these past few months were for him - yet, I didn't know it.

How many of us have spouses who would gladly carry others' burdens - without a question, complaint or whimper. Not many. I know this deep within my heart.

And I consider myself not only blessed, but I know now that God has chosen the best for me. His very best plan for me includes my husband, my friend, the father of our two grown children, the grandfather of all times.

Who else would dance a happy dance in an examining room when told "you have no cancerous cells".

Think of what this world would be like if we had happy dancers - happy dancers who danced in public just for the sheer joy of life. Makes me smile.