Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Countdown Is Over

Friday the 30th of November marked my final day at work. Thirty-one years plus and that part of my life is in the past.

The luncheon held for me on the 27th of November was wonderful. Both our children were there and with them, our grandchildren. Son-in-law couldn't make it due to work commitments and we missed his wonderful smiles. My only regret is that neither my parents nor Riley's parents could make it to the ceremony. Most of the event passed by in a blur other than one particular segment. Wonderful husband that he is, Riley presented me with roses - each rose with a special meaning.

The picture I will carry with me always will be of our two grandchildren carrying a very long box with roses down to the area where I stood to receive my retirement certificate, an award plus some wonderful gifts. Ethan & Rheya struggled together to carry that lightweight box and it was the most beautiful sight of all. While watching them struggle down the "aisle", the thought 'full circle' came to mind. Riley & I raised two children who grew up to be responsible, caring and loving adults - and now these two children are parents raising children to be responsible, caring & loving. Full circle.

I couldn't ask for a better life. I have a husband whom I love dearly; we have two grown children who have become the adults I had hoped for; we have two grandchildren who clearly reflect their parents' values and now I'm on a new adventure that I will not label as "retirement" but simply THE BIG ADVENTURE.

What a blessed life I have!


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