Friday, April 25, 2008

One Brief Moment

Errand day. At first I thought I should walk - especially with the price of gasoline nowadays. Ah - but common sense prevailed. One particular place is over 5 miles from the apartment. Nope, not even on a good day. Maybe in a few weeks I can manage that on my bicycle....

While driving, I had a million thoughts roaming around. Lots of people walking. Some with kids, some old, some young, a few with canes, a few with shopping carts.... And looking closely, I noted a very odd thing. What most of these folks had in common - no one smiled. Save one. One person. Of all the people I saw standing, sitting, or walking - one person with a smile. Imagine the odds. It was a brief sight...nothing spectacular other that that smile. She was alone - standing by a bus stop (so I imagine she was waiting for the city bus) and was leaning on a cane...and smiling.

Suddenly, all was right with the world. Just in that one brief moment I felt God's hand touch me, touch that lovely lady - and His touch was on the entire world.

There's a lot wrong with today's world - but there's a whole lot more right. We are living longer, we are healthier, modern technology is growing by leaps and bounds, we're getting smarter with our money (for the most part), and I believe there's a movement back to God. Oh, there are still those who believe all roads lead to God .... and I pray daily for those who believe that. I know how easy it is to think all religions lead to Him ... I know, I was one of those folks. It seems so much kinder and gentler to believe there's goodness everywhere & it doesn't matter. But after much soul searching (mostly on God's part with me!), I realize I was mistaken - gravely mistaken.

We all take so much for granted. We live in a country like no other. We have our problems, no doubt about it. Someday we may lose the freedom to worship as we choose - to vote if we choose - to say or write as we choose. But right now, this very second, this country has so much more to offer than any country in the world.

All this from seeing someone smile. Isn't that amazing? Isn't that awesome and spirit-filled?

Next time you need to drive to take care of a few errands, notice the people on the streets. See if you find someone smiling. Doesn't matter if it's a big ole goofy grin or a tiny back and thank God for that gift.


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