Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Expecting the Unexpected

Many years a very wise woman shared her traveling story. She dreaded driving, wether it be a short distance or long distance. One day it occurred to her that God could help change her mindset. She would start the trip with a very simple prayer. God please bless this trip and reveal the unexpected. Every trip became a wonderous trip.

I thought little of the story until today. I had several appointments and didn't relish the idea of driving across town - not when I would have much preferred to stay home and sew or knit. While driving across town, I thought of the traveling story and prayed - bless this trip, God - and reveal the unexpected.

In less than five miles, I saw momma goose nudging her five babies away from the road, a young woman standing next to a bus stop with headphones dancing to music only she could hear, and a red Corvette's license plate that read "Bond007". God works quickly!

We all need reminders that He watches over us - and grants our hearts' desires. Expect the unexpected.



Nvizion said...

The question on the Bond007 plate was who was driving...nonetheless I couldn't agree more.

It reminds me of when sometimes when I'm constantly running around 'feeling' busy God would show katie and myself a deer or their young. A breath of fresh air to say the least.

angel45402 said...

...of course it was James driving...who else????