Friday, June 13, 2008

The Making of a Quilt & Other Stuff - Part 2

Two steps forward, five steps back....

I've been having difficulty the mere activity of getting up after sitting for more than 15 minutes. Some days are worse than others. Finally x-rays were taken - and result: arthritis in both hips. Excuse me - but arthritis was NOT on my list of things to accomplish until I'm well into my 90s. Sigh.

Okay - the quilts will take longer, I will knit standing up, I will read in a reclining chair (ah ha - an excuse to go shopping) - and I will learn to get up gracefully to cover the aching bones. And I'll shop for a chiropractor if need be. Not sure what a chiropractor can do but the good ones do work miracles.

I digress. The Making of a Quilt Part 2. Strips are sewn - yahoo. Panels are sewn to the strips - yahoo.

Okay so far. Now the borders - top & bottom.

Top is finished! Okay - not completely finished. Need batting, backing & binding....and then on to tying.
There is something to be said about sewing for short periods of time. Frustrating, yes. But it allows a little pacing - time for reflecting - and time to ponder the age old question..."what the heck was I thinking when I made that???"
Ah - but I like it - I think it will be of value to the young man it will be mailed to. And I've learned a little about myself in the process. There's joy in taking a bunch of fabrics & creating something wonderous.
And now it'll be put aside until after this weekend. Duty calls - a chess tournament starts this evening and the Chess Queen here will be helping out a dear young man who promised Riley he'd direct the tournament while Riley is in Iraq.

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