Monday, June 23, 2008

The Making of a Quilt - Step 3 and Done...

Many obstacles always seem to pop up when one is trying to complete a project. Some of those obstacles are outside our control - others, we create ourselves. Sometimes they're not obstacles - they're just LIFE.

LIFE happened when I found out Riley's father was back in the hospital. He had been admitted earlier for pneumonia. I'm not sure why it turned out not to be pneumonia - but he's in a lot of pain for multiple fractures in his back. Years of medication has made his bones very fragile. He had bent over to pick up a flower pot in the garage - and that's all it took for the bones to fracture. For a man of 83, he has great fortitude. He voiced only one concern when told he needed to go back to the hospital - please take care of Mom. No woman could ever ask for more than that. I took a break from quilting, drove to Columbus (a 90 minute drive) and spent the night with our daughter & family. The next morning, we drove on to Wellington (a 90 minute plus drive) to pick up Mom and visit Dad. Daughter, granddaughter, Mom and me. Couldn't ask for a better visiting crew. It was apparent Dad was in pain .... but nevertheless less, he managed several smiles. We stayed about an hour, all the while family drifting in and out. Mom stayed - we left to drive back to Columbus. I spent the night and left in the morning to drive home. Dad is doing better and is managing to complete the required 15 minutes of therapy - despite great pain. Dad has always been on my hero list but he moved to darn near the top these past couple of days.

There's something to be said about driving long distances. It does not make for a productive day - and I probably milked that idea for the remainder of the week. Hence, the quilt did little by itself to be completed.

Long story short - today was to be the day I finally completed the quilt...and I did just that. Several little setbacks - like cutting the binding 1/2 inch too wide - not threading the machine properly (good heavens - how many times have I threaded that machine anyway??!?!?) - and getting involved in watching a movie. That qualifies as obstacles - within my control!

But done it is - and I'm pleased with the result.

What is left now is to make a small pocket prayer quilt for either mom or whomever asked for a quilt for this young man. Another 30 minutes and I'll have that completed.

Soon as the unicorn fabric arrives, I'll start on quilt #2. I have such a blessed life. I have a husband who loves me more than I ever thought possible and writes me a romantic letter that would rival any poem by Emily Dickinson. I have two grown children and two grandchildren. I quilt.


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