Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Quilt in Progress

I did it! I finally commited to make a quilt. Many groups today exist for the sole purpose of helping others. Members of various groups will crochet or knit hats and blankets for preemies - others will make & donate quilts for soldiers' families - to be given out while the family members are waiting for their loved one to be treated at a local hospital. "Charlotte's Garden" is such a group - quilts for adults & youngsters who are ill. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take a look at this group's mission:

I joined the group awhile ago. Last night I jumped in and decided it's time to commit.

The story of a quilt begins today. The young man likes dinosaurs and the colors blue & green. At first I thought I'd have to applique dinosaurs - no dinosaur fabric to be found at first. No, Barney does not qualify as a dinosaur. But once again, God provided. Fabric found!!!

Material is in the process of drying now. My method of washing cotton for quilts is to soak the fabric in the bathroom sink with mild detergent, rinse & drip dry in the bathtub on a rack. Living in an apartment that lacks ability to house washer & dryer does have it limitations. There's something comforting about this process of preparing cottons for quilting.
Pattern? Ah - that's yet to be determined. Stay tuned......

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