Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quilt Mailed....

Yes, quilt has been mailed! I wonder how such a package would be received by me had it been for my child diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. It's caused me to think about this period we call life.

No one goes through life without hitting bumps, potholes or crevices. Sometimes it makes us stronger - sometimes it makes us bitter. Sometimes we get over it and move on. Sometimes we don't and it becomes a focus that distorts everything we do.

It's all a matter of choice. Pure and simple. You have a choice to get on with it and move on. You have a choice to let a bad episode become your main focus in life. Choice - everything we do involves a decision - and as result, we choose which path to take based on many things. A bad hair day, your thumb caught in a car door. the mechanic calling you with bad news about your car....or just because. I do love that. Why did I make that decision? Why did I choose that? Just because. It's a wonderful phrase - unarguable and has such power. Just because I am me and if later turns out to be a mistake, okay. Let's hope I learn from it. Just because.
Now - back to the quilt. It has been mailed and included was a pocket prayer quilt. Oh would I love to say it was solely my idea (we all like good ideas and claiming fame to a good idea) but alas, it was not.

If you look closely, you'll see a button in the shape of a frog. Someone came up with a beautiful acronym for frog - FULLY RELY ON GOD. How simple. The ties for those who pray for whomever is carrying the quilt - say a prayer and tie one of the ties. Simple - yet the power of prayer yields results like you've never heard or seen.

And I did attach a quilt label to the back of the dinosaur quilt....

I feel as if this was one of my prouder accomplishments. I don't know why or how - but it filled me with such peace when I walked over to the post office, mailed it and watched it be placed (okay, so the post office lady tossed it - but it 'writes' better to use "placed") on the back shelf to be shipped.

We all contribute something to someone every single day. A smile, a kind word, opening the door for someone, giving a pat on the back....and just to do that one little thing can make one's day - or help them make that choice that could positively affect their life forever. I chose the easy route - time & fabric. Now to work on that kind word, that smile or opening the door....

In the meantime, I'm a quilter.


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