Friday, July 04, 2008

Project Unicorn Quilt Finished.....

It is now 1:50am on the 5th of July - and "Project Unicorn Quilt" is finished. When one loses track of time when working on something really enjoyable, it satisfies deep within.

The lighting in the sewing room/den/2nd bedroom is marvelous! Small wonder I spent the last 3 hours happily sewing away. I would love to write that the next quilt is already in the planning stages, but at 1:50 in the morning - ha!

I love the bright colors...and what cannot be seen is a unicorn block on each corner..

And the pocket prayer quilt.... In the left hand corner is a tiny frog charm.... "Fully Rely on God": FROG.

I think now it's time to make a sandwich, reflect on today - and tomorrow, I know I'll be thinking of the next quilt. Yes!
I quilt.

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