Monday, September 22, 2008

Now a Quilting Knitter Potter?????

Today was my first day of pottery class. Seriously one of the most hilarious days of my life. There are five of us - four females and one male - who left early to cut up trees felled by the wrath of Ike. After checking out the beautiful pottery made by other students, I was given a bag of twenty-five pounds of clay and given my first assignment.

Ah this looks so easy. First piece of art - make a "pinch pot" - which is, roll the clay - stick your thumb in and gently round it out until it comes a nice little bowl. Uh huh. That certainly is easy enough. After building a pot that collapsed on itself three time & thereby smooshing it back into a ball three times, I found it takes PATIENCE to slowly round it out. Finally, I got it. I was so pleased with myself. Never mind the lady on the other side of me just finished a BUST of Frank Lloyd Wright and the lady across the room is working on a bas relief of some Greek goddesss and the other one is making a free form serving dish with leaf inprints - I made a honest to goodness bowl. It sat up pretty - it wasn't going to collapse anytime soon - and frankly, I thought it to be a pretty hot stuff bowl. Until the instructor strolls over over and says - now next week you can add some really cool stuff to it. ADD STUFF TO IT? Is he out of this mind? I have a perfectly good bowl here. It's a work of art. It screams elegance. My right thumb has never been so sore and it took 20 minutes to dig out the clay from my engagement ring - never mind what was under my nails. Is that what they call 'suffering artists'????

Next I get to do a coil pot - once I find something to add to my perfect bowl so it will make the instructor happy. I'm thinking I can roll a piece of the clay, call it a snake and slap it on the bowl or something.

Will I go back next week? You bet I will. I have to find a way to use up twenty-five pounds of this stuff... I need to whip up some elegant coffee cups, a few leaf embossed serving trays and maybe a bust or two of Teddy Roosevelt.

Maybe one day I can write "I am a Potter" ..... not to be confused with Harry.


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