Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just Thoughts

Today at 6pm, I will be hugging my beloved once again before he flies back to Iraq.

This time - it's a little harder to say 'see you soon' than it was in July when he was home. Perhaps because his dad isn't with us any longer - or perhaps because we just enjoyed being together so much.

We saw a touching movie "Fireproof" yesterday. This is a movie that every married couple should see - or anyone thinking of getting married. Yes, it's a faith-based movie and it carries a beautiful message of what marriage is meant to be.

This movie gave me pause to think about love. Love transcends all - and if there's always love in thought, word & deed, how could we not succeed ? No one said it would ever be easy. You'll always face someone or something that demands more love than you think you could ever give....but if it's there, deeply cemented within, the more you give - the more you'll be filled with it. I see now that my beloved husband has a love that's firmly fixed within...no doubt about it. It's love that enables you to see things from a different perspective. Love enables you to see things a little clearer. It's acceptance - it's understanding - and it's patience. Love isn't just a feeling .... it's something much stronger.
Go see "Fireproof". See if it moves you as much as it did me.
And yes - the photo is of my beloved & me on our 37th wedding anniversary.

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