Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only 9 Days Until Christmas

Always first up - the 16th of December rose. This one fairly shouted Merry Christmas with springs of Christmas sprigs. Oh yes.... And my beloved - thank you.

Today was a fairly nice day - even if it did start off a little rocky. Fell asleep around 10:30pm & woke up promptly at 1:30am. No problem. I can handle those wake up calls with the best of them....unless I.cannot.get.back.to.sleep. Yes, indeed. I couldn't get back to sleep. After 30 minutes of tossing & turning (much to the delight of kitty cat Faith who thought it was a marvelous game of find-the-feet-and-attack), I gave up and actually did some sewing for 3 hours. By 5am, I was wonderfully tired. I slept until 8:30am. Alas, my body wasn't too cooperative at this interrupted sleep business and a headache attached itself until well after 10am.

I had pizza with our son at lunch. That's always nice even if he DID have 3 days of pizza prior to mom's invite. Now - that's the epitome of politeness. Dewey's pizza - in my book, easily in the top ten of favorite pizza places.

My next move was to take sis out for some shopping. Mind you, there's a weather alert going on. Freezing rains and some snow. I'm not one to believe much in weather forecast. However, when we ventured outside to go to the car and found the sidewalks to be one gigantic ice rink, I conceded that perhaps this time the weather forecast is correct.

So now I will happily reheat my 2 pieces of leftover pizza - turn on the DVD player to check out a movie from NetFlix and perhaps even do a little more sewing.

But in closing ...here's a marvelous YouTube video that says it all for me....Christmas with a capital C.....

In the meantime, I'm back to quilting.

Oh yes....I quilt.


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