Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthday Reflections....

Yesterday was my 57th birthday. Fifty-seven. Twenty years ago I would have thought, that is really getting up there. Ten years ago I thought, sixty years old is just the beginning. Today I think, seventy years old is just the tip of the iceberg. It's all in one's perspective.

This year's birthday - very, very sweet. Had the birthday lunch at Red Lobster on Sunday. Had birthday breakfast with sis - a trip to the local quilting store where I patted my beloved Kenmore 25+ yr old sewing machine goodbye for a couple of days (servicing and cleaning - its very first one ever) - picked up a "few" fat quarters (never mind how many - few is also relative) plus a 1/2 yard of Amy Butler's new prints (never mind why), a trip to the big ole Dorothy Lane Market south of town where I kept repeating "awesome" much to the dismay of those around me (you have got to see this place someday!), and finally a trip to Tim Hortons for sandwich, soup, coffee & timbits before grandson looked after me for a couple of hours in the evening.

Oh yes - must throw in there - opening up a package from a wonderful online friend who knows exactly THE right gifts to send. Grandson loved the bunny enclosed just for him. And several calls from DH on THE day to say Happy Birthday. And some very nice cards from family and friends.

Now I know you are all saying - what's with the photo of the tea cozy? Who made that magnificant work of art? And who photographed it so darn well?

Tea cozy was knitted by dear daughter in honor of my birthday. I collect tea pots. Okay - I COLLECTED tea pots. No room for any more unless one falls off the shelf, breaks and I then I will be able to shop for one more. It's written in the tea pot collection contract. Yes, I drink coffee like a fiend but I do love tea also. Hence - the beautiful tea cozy. The colors are gorgeous, are they not? And the photographer is me. The cozy adorns one of my earliest tea pots and sits prettily on the shelf - set apart from the other tea pots (I swear, they backed away in awe after I slipped the cozy on the tea pot) - and has this wonderful view of the outskirts of Dayton.

I quilt.

Maybe today.


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