Friday, March 27, 2009

Killer Brownies!!! Hall of Fame Dessert

I love food. Okay - that's is not entirely true. I love desserts. I love cheeseburgers also. I look for the perfect dessert and the perfect cheeseburger. I've found many a perfect dessert but only once found the perfect cheeseburger. Alas, the ultimate in cheeseburgers are no longer to be found. They were served at the Diner on St Clair, Dayton Ohio - no longer in business. Darn.

Now the perfect dessert? One made the list just a few days ago. The Killer Brownie made by the bakers at the Dorothy Lane Market, S. Main Street, Dayton Ohio. You will not believe this brownie. It's the ultimate in chocolate. It's the stuff chocolate dreams are made of. After one bite, I was in chocolate heaven. Obviously this is true since I ate darn near 3/4 of this delectable dessert before I stopped to photograph it. Rich, rich chocolate - with a layer of nuts - a layer of caramel - and heaven knows what else and then is dusted with confectioners' sugar. If I were gluten intolerant, I would suffer the consequences gladly. If I were diabetic, I'd risk a coma. Okay - maybe not to that extent.

Great job, Dorothy Lane Market! While I will hold myself in check and not indulge in another killer brownie so soon, I will be back. For that, I will gladly add an additional 2 hours to my workout routine. No sacrifice is too great....

In the meantime, I quilt.


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