Friday, May 01, 2009

Brave Little Man....

Today our 4 yr old grandson had his tonsils removed. Mom & dad are doing fine....Grandparents are breathing easier and E (for Ethan - or so his parents say - I think it stands for 'excess' - as in an overabundance of energy!) is probably running around as if nothing had happened. Has to be youth. What a charmer this kid is...

Dear husband took a few photos of E before the surgery. You'd never know what was awaiting this brave little man. He was given medicine to help calm .... I have got to get some of that stuff. That's the most laid back I have ever seen Ethan. Nope, there was the time we had finished my errands & he was in the car seat just moments away from dream land. Not exactly what I had envisioned. The nap was meant to be taken at home so I could join him in dreamland. But I digress. He sure was cute wearing that cloth elasticized cap the nurses wear in surgery.

After much coffee and free wireless (surgical centers now have wireless - does that tell you something about the possible waiting time?!?!?), we were allowed to see E. after his surgery. We had brought a stuffed monkey for him along with a PS2 game. Grandparents, here's a very wise hint: Stuffed animal first. PS2 game second. Stuffed animal first, any other treat second. Trust me, you must remember to give those gifts in that order. The monkey was well received. The PS2 game - well, need I say more....

So hence, the photo for the monkey. I thought it cuter than a photo of the PS2 game.

So I offer credit to Go adopt a monkey!

In the meantime, I quilt....soon I hope.


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