Monday, May 04, 2009

Whatever Happened to the Small Stuff.....

Whatever happened to the small stuff in life....such as expressing gratitude or thanks for receiving something....or opening the door for someone when they have both hands full....or saying something nice to someone in the elevator....or even electronically posting a 'I've missed you' ......

I am becoming more & more disenchanted with not seeing or hearing the small stuff in life. Ahhhh - but the story is not over yet!!!

Today I took a long walk. First, to the post office. Now keep in mind, most trips to the post office takes an attitude of patience and kindness. Okay, maybe not for you but the post office I frequent may have very well been the basis for the phrase "going postal". So with the idea of 'what ever happened to the small stuff' in my head, I mentally geared myself for the trip across the street to the post office. Oh yes, that's a blessing in itself....we live across the street from the post office.

I was greeted with "hey, there you are - haven't seen you in awhile". Goodness - the small stuff in life was alive & well. And the lovely lady behind the counter remembered I was retired and commented to the fact that she just knows I'll have a good day.

I left the post office and headed towards the bank. Passed a lady on the street who lives in our high rise apartment. She said hello first and cautioned me about the loose stones on the sidewalk. TWO small stuff in life happenings.

After making a business deposit at the bank, I headed over to the library. small stuff happenings there. I guess when a public library hires security guards to watch over the books, small stuff in life gets lost in the shuffle.

On the walk home, I thought about the two episodes of the small stuff and felt really good. I rode the elevator to our 6th floor apartment, grabbed the ole laundry basket (yes, shamelessly I had left laundry in the dryer for the 60 minute tumble) and headed down to the laundry room. I discovered BOTH dryers were lint free. How could that be?!?!? I said something about the no-lint discovery out loud and an elderly lady replied, "Oh I took it out - I hope that's okay - the clothes dry faster that way". Small stuff hits again. I thanked her profusely .... which I am still hoping didn't scare the life out of her.

Three small stuff episodes in one day - and it's only noon.

Small stuff is vital to our quality of life & it takes so little to practice it.

I finally finished twelve patriotic themed quilt blocks. The photo of the blocks I posted will be mailed to a lady in Milwaukee, WI. She will put together the blocks and mail the quilt(s) to someone in TX who will take the quilts to a hospital in Ft Hood TX. The quilts are distributed to the families of soldiers who have come for treatment/surgery after serving in Iraq.

Oh yes, I do quilt....


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And to all that, mom, hello, and thanks for the gratitude reminder :)