Friday, June 19, 2009

Ramblings of a Wife.....

Another case of left knee swelling for Riley....which now makes episode #3.

If one were to ask me why my thoughts about bilateral total knee replacements, I would have to think twice before giving an answer....and perhaps in a month or two, I could so do. Don't know what the answer would be...but lots of thought would have gone into it before speaking.

Episode #1 left knee swelling - a trip to the hospital via ambulance and a very long wait in a well designed (she writes with sarcasm) ER room. Swelling decreased with elevation, ice & happy juice pain medication. Sent home shortly thereafter.

Episode #2 left knee swelling - after a long weekend chess tournament. Elevation, ice & compression relieved swelling. Amazing what one can learn by visiting the ER for a bit.

Episode #3 left knee swelling - today. Okay, I think right about now: enough is enough.

The theory is this: adhesions & scar tissue is plaguing the left knee. Blood thinner is causing the adhesions & scar tissue to bleed....hence, swelling. I am beginning to dislike intensely the word "theory". Option to be discussed with family doctor on Monday - go off the blood thinners in hopes the blood clots in both lower calves will remain where they should. Upside - swelling should not occur (emphasis on the "should" and "not") once off the blood thinners. Downside - those pesky blood clots in the lower calves may do a little traveling and cause some havoc.

Did I say I am beginning to dislike intensely the word "theory" ????

Morbid as it sounds, I am beginning to realize that life is indeed's a mere blip on the's fleeting....and so forth. Eternal life though salvation is what I sincerely believe....and so while life here on earth is short, the knowledge I'll meet my Saviour is very comforting.

But in the meantime, go hug everyone in your family. Make that phone call just to say hi. Send out that text that just says I love you. You just never know what tomorrow may bring.

The photo is one of the appliqued blocks I made awhile ago. I'm so far behind with this particular quilt, I had forgotten all about the blocks. Nice reminder to myself to get moving.

I quilt.



Barb L. in Florida said...

My mom just had her 12 week appointment with her surgeon after her bilateral knee replacement. She is FINALLY glad she had it done. Up until now, she just kept having one problem after another, but eventually they WILL all work out (mom is 71). Have you seen an xray of what they did to the bones in DH's legs? OMG - no wonder it takes so long to heal! Hang in there! Hugs, Barb L. Tarpon Springs, FL

angel45402 said...

thanks for the encouragement, Barb....nice to have a POSITIVE note for bilateral knee replacement...DH is slowly getting there. Hugs back, my friend...and thank YOU!