Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthdays, Best Presents and Thoughts.....

Today is the 30th of August. Today marks our son's 29th birthday. Twenty nine years old. Married. They have one son, age 4. Twenty nine. It would be redundant at this point to write 29 one more time...or write 'how could that be'. I think it's pretty obvious I marvel at how quickly time passes.

Yesterday, son & father and grandson took a walk around our old neighborhood. The neighborhood where we raised both our children. It was a good place .... parts of it not so good now. Time has a way of changing neighborhoods. This walk was a gift for hubby on Father's Day...a walk. I got glimpses of what it meant to Riley to walk with son & grandson and it warmed my heart tremendously. Good talks about what it meant to roam around the neighborhood wthout fear....good memories all in all. I do believe the walk was a present that will live in Riley's heart for ever.

It got me to think about "best presents". I asked a group of friends what they thought to be their "best present". The answers ranged from tangible to the non-tangible. And after all was said and done, I realized what my "best present" was from our daughter.

It was many years ago and perhaps I am the only one who will remember. It was a gift from the heart. Money wasn't readily available at the time. The gift was cleaning the house. That's it. It has held a place in my heart ever since. It wasn't the cleaning - it was the time and the thought behind it. Just as the walk itself wasn't the present - it was the time and the thought behind it. I'm not fond of cleaning - as evidenced by the state of our apartment. Clean enough by my standards and grandson hasn't gotten sick while he's visiting is a good sign. Daughter obviously picked up on my housecleaning dislike and that touched my heart.

The walk with dad was in memory of the walks Riley liked to do with the kids when it was time to talk. Somehow things got a little better after those talking walks. And our son couldn't have picked a better present for his dad. The thought and the time.

While I believe I have eternity when I leave this world behind, I don't believe any of us should waste what time we have right now...right this minute. Time is a precious commodity that we can't store away for a better day. When you give your time to someone, it's a gift that far surpasses anything else.

The next time an event hits your calender, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or Christmas...think about giving the present of time.

Oh yes - the photo. A work in progress for granddaughter. While I previously have griped about making this quilt out of 4" blocks, I have come to love making this quilt. God knew all along that would happen!

I quilt.


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