Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Quilting????

There are days when I wonder why quilting. Of all the hobbies there are to choose from, why this particular one.....

Taking perfectly good fabric (you've heard this one before), cutting it up and resewing the pieces back together....and this is a hobby?

No, not for most of us who quilt. It's a passion.

The possibilities of what can be done with fabric are endless. Squares, triangles, appliques, portraits, landscapes, strips, circles...and the list goes on and on.

It evokes memories. It brings comfort and warmth to the recipients. It brings smiles to those who need a smile. It doesn't matter if it took you two hours to put it together - or two years. It's a labor of love. Oh, to be able to see the smiles and tears when the package is opened and there lays the quilt - just for them. And it's okay if you can't see the smiles and tears if the quilt is mailed off. You see the smiles and tears through the email or letter of thanks.

I mailed a quilt to Riley when he was in Iraq. Many photos were taken of him wrapped up in the quilt. Never had I dreamed it would mean that much to him. The quilt now is on our bed and Riley has been safely home for quite awhile. Whenever I look at the quilt, I see not the quilt - but a photo of Riley standing in the middle of a hanger, wrapped up in that quilt.

So why quilt? Because nothing else comes close to bringing me such comfort, joy and accomplishment. It doesn't matter if the points don't meet or the block is a little skewed. I made it - it comes from my heart, my mind and my soul.

Thank you, God for everything You have given me....and that includes the love of quilting.

Oh yes - my latest project. The photo is of 2 inch squares put together into a 9 patch and then framed in black. The block is then cut down to 6 1/2". Many more to come - but this is a start. I love how they look. How about you?

Oh yes - I quilt.


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