Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They're Not Just the "Little Things"

How many times have we heard "it's the little things that count..."?

You give a small token of your appreciation to a friend...and think to yourself that it didn't cost a lot, and it was just a little token and besides, it's the "little things that count".

You get a pat on the back for a job well done...and think to yourself - geez, that should have been worth a lot more than a pat on the back - and then think well, I guess the boss believes in the little things that count.

Okay - so the last one was a little weird. You get the idea.

It's the "little things" that should be observed, honored and revered. Here's what I believe. The little things are God's way of letting you know He's there - He cares - and He wants us to be His ambassador. He plants an idea in our heads to do something out of the ordinary. Send a gift for no reason. Send a card to someone to let them know you care. Enclose a note in your spouse's lunch that simply says "I Love You". Treat your friend to lunch. Take an extra sandwich to work and share with a coworker whom you know is having a rough time. Stick a post-it note on your boss's desk which you've written the words "Thank you for taking care of that problem".

The next time you heard "It's the little things that count" - let the person know that's partially correct. Everything counts. It has meaning, it has substance and it can bring joy to someone - YOU!

Oh yes - the photo. That's a block swap for my dearly beloved Yahoo Group "Quilters Who Care". I will admit that I am not a fan of block swaps - no indeed. The fear of "what if my blocks are crap???" enters my mind each time. Oh pooh. My blocks are mighty fine indeed.

And yes, I do quilt....!!!